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The free 30-day trial is intended to be used by laboratories wishing to test, with their own data and equipment,
the efficiency of the Alamut applications.

To request your free, 30-day trial of Alamut, please select which product you would like to try out
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Alamut Batch

High-throughput variant annotation

  • Designed for intensive analysis workflows on targeted panels and exomes
  • Combining well-curated databases and efficient predictions functionalities
  • Industry leader in splicing predictions

Alamut Focus

Interactive variant filtration

  • Quickly design and apply simple to complex variant filtering strategies
  • Apply pre-configured inheritance-based scenarios
  • Fully compatible with Alamut Batch

Alamut Genova

Advanced variant exploration

  • Full genome browser
  • Integrating genomic information from different curated sources and prediction algorithms
  • Including advanced features, such as ACMG/AMP classification and new splicing predictions

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