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The free 30-day trial is intended to be used by laboratories wishing to test, with their own data and equipment,
the efficiency of the applications composing the Alamut® software Suite.

To request your free, 30-day trial of the Alamut® software Suite, please select which product you would like to try out
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Alamut Batch

Comprehensive high-throughput variant annotation

  • Batch solution providing a wide spectrum of annotations
  • Suitable for processing thousands of variants from next generation sequencing
  • Software component to be embedded in an NGS analysis pipeline (or to be launched manually with a GUI frontend)

Alamut Focus

Efficient interactive variant filtration

  • Quickly design and apply simple to complex variant filtering strategies
  • Apply pre-configured inheritance-based scenarios: autosomal recessive, autosomal dominant, X-linked recessive, de novo
  • Fully compatible with ALAMUT BATCH and ALAMUT VISUAL

Alamut Visual

Interactive graphical variant exploration

  • User-friendly visualization tool and decision-support software
  • Suitable for analyzing and interpreting variants manually
  • Gene centric desktop software

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