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Mlecnik, Bernhard et al. Science Translational Medicine.

Mlecnik, Bernhard et al. Science Translational Medicine. 2016 Feb

Bernhard Mlecnik and coleagues examin the impact of tumor-intrinsic, microenvironmental, and immunological factors on tumor metastasis in colorectal cancer patients. They found that decreased presence of lymphatic vessels and reduced immune cytotoxicity were more strongly associated with the metastatic process than tumor-intrinsic factors such as chromosomal instability or cancer-associated mutations. These data support testing the Immunoscore as a biomarker to predict metastasis and guide therapy.

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"I have previously used Alamut Visual in the UK and it is an invaluable resource for variant curation which I was keen to bring into use in my new role in New Zealand. provides a convenient and user-friendly interface which pulls together literature searches, population databases and in silico prediction tools. This enables streamlining of the curation process and saves a lot of time."


Wellington Regional Genetics Laboratory, Wellington, New Zealand



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