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Girisha, Katta Mohan et al. Clinical Genetics.

Girisha, Katta Mohan et al. Clinical Genetics. 2016 Feb

Katta Mohan Girisha and colleagues conduct a whole exome sequencing on a child with a clinical phenotype of the child shows significant overlap with cranioectodermal dysplasia type I (Sensenbrenner syndrome). They identified a homozygous nonsense variant p.R142* in IFT52 encoding an IFT-B core complex protein as the likely cause of the children’s condition. This is the first report of a human disease associated with IFT52.

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"We are very grateful for the work you do with Alamut and continuing to improve it. We use it on daily basis to help us interpret variants for clinical tests including our technicians, analysts, genetic counselors and lab directors. Alamut has the comprehensive information available for interpreting variants and great documentation. I’ve recommended Alamut to many customers who ask me about the tools that I use. Many thanks to you for making this possible."

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