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We exhibited at the Assises de Génétique Humaine et Médicale meeting which took place in Nantes, 24-26 January 2018.

Thank you for visiting us on booth n°22, we presented you our solutions in term of annotation, filtration and interpretation of human genome variants, with the Alamut software suite

  • Alamut Batch : the high throughput annotation engine for NGS variants
  • Alamut Focus : the interactive filtration tool for annotated variants
  • Alamut Visual : the decision-support software application for variants interpretation, in diagnostics and research


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"I tried different software applications that are available in the market before I made my final decision. I must say alamut visual is the best in many ways, and sometimes you feel like you enjoy to surf in software and  it makes you feel more and more curious with your findings in the data you work with. Thank you!"


ATCLearn, Salmiya, Kuwait



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