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Interactive Biosoftware is the creator of Alamut®.

Interactive Biosoftware was founded in April 2007, in Rouen, France, by a group of medical and computer scientists focusing on practical software applications for health care and life sciences, particularly in the field of molecular biology.

Its mission is to provide geneticists and researchers with the most sophisticated, easy to use and reliable software to help them make genetic analysis, surveillance, and share information between, and across, all tiers of human genome research.

Within a few years, Interactive Biosoftware has acquired a solid reputation and an image of quality relying on the care taken in developing efficient, innovating software applications that are in compliance with international recommendations in the field of genetic analysis.

The first software program, Alamut Visual, was launched in 2007 when the company started. It allows a fast and relevant use of data and algorithms in order to deep explore human genetic variations and facilitate their interpretation. Since 2018, the company is hardly working to redesign this software in order to empower geneticists to solve complex genomic interpretation cases even more comprehensively. The newly designed software (soon available), named Alamut Genova, is a full genome browser, further enabling clinical researchers to easily assess the pathogenic status of human alterations.

In 2012, Interactive Biosoftware launches Alamut Batch, its high throughput annotation engine for genetic variants. It is particularly appreciated for the data it provides, especially for RNA splicing.

In 2015, Alamut Focus completes the Alamut Software Suite. It allows the filtering of the variants annotated by Alamut Batch.

In 2018, Interactive Biosoftware has become a SOPHiA GENETICS company, and aims to continue support its users with different and advanced applications making their daily work easier, and in constant evolution to always fulfill their needs.

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"We have found Alamut to be an immensely useful tool, and would recommend Alamut to anyone looking for a powerful yet straightforward software program that is able to accurately catalogue and evaluate mutations."

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