Alamut Visual Plus

Alamut Visual Plus, the latest evolution of Alamut Visual, is a full genome browser designed to help researchers explore and investigate variations of the human genome. 

The software combines a wide set of external data with high-quality missense and splicing predictors in one unique interface. As a result, Alamut Visual Plus decreases the time and effort required to assess the pathogenicity of genomic variants while maximizing lab workflow efficiency.

In particular, it includes regularly curated information from different genomic (e.g. ClinVar, dbSNP, COSMIC) and scientific data sources (e.g.  Mastermind® and PubMed®), up-to-date ACMG/AMP guidelines, and HGVS nomenclature. Furthermore, visualization of different bioinformatics formats is now available in parallel, including Sanger, VCF, BED, and BAM files. Researchers can now also benefit from a simultaneous display of multiple genes in separate tabs.

Alamut Visual Plus is used in cutting-edge university medical centers, hospitals and private genetic analysis laboratories worldwide. Highly appreciated by its users, the software accelerates complex and time-consuming assessment of variants thanks to its user-friendly interface and integrated features.

Key Benefits

What they say
about Alamut

"We are very pleased with Alamut since it conveniently streamlines post-sequencing analyses of detected variants. We value the programme user friendliness and its all-in one approach to variant analysis."

Charles University, Prague