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Interactive variant filtration

Alamut Focus is an interactive application for the filtering of genetic variations. It is designed for clinical diagnostic and research laboratories analyzing Next Generation Sequencing data (NGS).

Alamut Focus allows the user, with the help of user-defined or pre-configured filters, to quickly put forward genetic variations of interest among thousands of annotated variants from a group of unrelated individuals or a family.

Alamut Focus supports simple selection criteria based on variant features, such as change type, coding effect or population frequencies, as well as multi-sample inheritance-based scenarios, eg. trio analysis.

Starting from variant collections annotated by Alamut Batch, Alamut Focus allows the user to quickly design and apply simple to complex variant filtering strategies, based on user-defined criteria or pre-configured ones. Alamut Focus is a powerful, efficient and easy-to-use software application allowing users to isolate mutations from a large dataset of variants detected by high-throughput sequencing. These variations will be then recognized or not by the scientist as being responsible for Mendelian disorders.

The large panel of annotations provided by Alamut Batch can be easily filtered with Alamut Focus. For instance, this allows users to take benefit from the Gene Ontology information or splicing predictions presented by Alamut Batch in order to help him assess the biological impact of the variants from different perspectives.

Alamut Focus has been developed on one hand for an exploratory approach of a variant dataset with which the user interactively defines and fine-tunes filtering strategies. As inclusion or exclusion criteria are applied, the selected variant list is dynamically updated, allowing for the fast development of filtering scenarios. On the other hand, it enables automatic and repeated application of already-defined scenarios.


Filtered variants and their annotations can be exported as tab delimited files for further processing.

Mutation files can be generated for each gene and then displayed in Alamut Visual.

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"I have previously used Alamut Visual in the UK and it is an invaluable resource for variant curation which I was keen to bring into use in my new role in New Zealand. provides a convenient and user-friendly interface which pulls together literature searches, population databases and in silico prediction tools. This enables streamlining of the curation process and saves a lot of time."


Wellington Regional Genetics Laboratory, Wellington, New Zealand



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