Interactive Biosoftware


Interactive Biosoftware develops Alamut® software to help clinical researchers in the complex tasks of genomic variants annotation, filtration, and exploration.

Alamut Suite workflow

Alamut Batch

High-throughput variant annotation

Alamut® Batch enriches raw NGS variants with a wealth of attributes including effects on human genes, allele frequencies, as well as missense and splicing predictions.

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Alamut Focus

Interactive variant filtration

Starting from annotated variant collections, Alamut® Focus selects candidate variants based on user-defined or pre-configured criteria.

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Alamut Visual

Advanced variant exploration

Alamut® Visual is a comprehensive gene browser, helping researchers assess the pathogenic status of human alterations.

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Discover the upcoming evolution of this software, Alamut® Genova (coming soon)


Founded in Rouen, France, Interactive Biosoftware is present on the 5 continents, in more than 45 countries to play an active role in the process of understanding and finding solutions to society’s most devastating diseases.

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