THE Alamut® Software Suite

The Alamut® Software Suite includes powerful bioinformatics applications for  genetic analysis.
The Suite offers a comprehensive solution to the complex tasks of genomic variants annotation, filtration, interpretation and reporting.

Alamut® Batch is a high-throughput variant annotation engine for NGS data

Alamut® Focus is an interactive variant filtration application for NGS analysis

Alamut® Visual is a graphical variant interpretation environment used by leading genetic clinicians and researchers around the world

Our software complies with the ACMG/AMP Variant Interpretation Standards and Guidelines. Click here for details.


Interactive Biosoftware is changing genetic diagnostics and research as we know it by simplifying the variant interpretation process, while saving scientists’ time, improving outcome quality and enhancing productivity

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What they say
about Alamut Visual

"We are very grateful for the work you do with Alamut and continuing to improve it. We use it on daily basis to help us interpret variants for clinical tests including our technicians, analysts, genetic counselors and lab directors. Alamut has the comprehensive information available for interpreting variants and great documentation. I’ve recommended Alamut to many customers who ask me about the tools that I use. Many thanks to you for making this possible."

Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center



ACMG 2017



Variant Effect Prediction Training Course