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Over the years, Interactive Biosoftware has developed relationships with partners. They are essential to offer customers the most adapted products.

BIOBASE, a QUIAGEN company :

BIOBASE offers a complete range of high-quality databases and analysis tools for the life science industry. The Human Gene Mutation Database (HGMD), available in Alamut Batch and Alamut Visual to HGMD® Professional suscribers, is the world’s premier database for inheritable disease-causing mutations and disease-associated SNPs in human.


JSI Medical Systems markets leading software in DNA sequencing. SeqPilot and SeqNext – dedicated to NGS – are now automatically connected to Alamut: any variant found by SeqPilot/SeqNext can be directly visualized and interpreted within Alamut® Visual.

INSERM U1079 :

The INSERM U1079 (ex U614) unit at Rouen University, led by Pr. Thierry Frebourg involves 2 teams: Cancer Genetics and Neurogenetics. It investigates the heriditary predisposition of colorectal cancer and childhood tumours, the somatic genetics of colorectal cancer, the genetics and pathophysiology of dementias and RNA diseases (splicing and microRNA).

What they say
about Alamut Visual

"We are very grateful for the work you do with Alamut and continuing to improve it. We use it on daily basis to help us interpret variants for clinical tests including our technicians, analysts, genetic counselors and lab directors. Alamut has the comprehensive information available for interpreting variants and great documentation. I’ve recommended Alamut to many customers who ask me about the tools that I use. Many thanks to you for making this possible."

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