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Asistimos a un taller durante el Variant Effect Prediction Training Course, en Heraklion, Grecia, octubre 19-noviembre 3 de 2016.

The biennial Mutation Detection Training Courses were initiated by Prof. Richard Cotton in 1998, alternating with the biennial International Workshops on Mutation Detection. The original training courses were focussed on the laboratory technologies to detect changes in DNA.  Since the NGS revolution shifted the problem from detecting variants to evaluating their potential consequences (classification), the focus has been shifted to “Variant Effect Prediction”.

Expected Participants are people working in a DNA laboratory including clinical diagnostic labs involved in DNA sequencing data analysis.


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"We have found Alamut to be an immensely useful tool, and would recommend Alamut to anyone looking for a powerful yet straightforward software program that is able to accurately catalogue and evaluate mutations."

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Variant Effect Prediction Training Course