Interactive Biosoftware

Creator of the Alamut® software suite


Interactive Biosoftware develops software solutions for clinical and research scientists around the world in the human genetics field.

Our software

The Alamut® Software Suite is a consistent set of applications dedicated to annotate, filter, and interpret genomic variations.

Alamut Suite workflow

You want to annotate raw variants from High Throughput sequencing

Alamut Batch

Alamut® Batch is a high-throughput annotation software for NGS analysis that enriches raw variants with dozens of relevant attributes.

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You want to filter annotated variants

Alamut Focus

Alamut® Focus is a variant filtration application. It helps identify variations explaining the pathological status of an individual suffering from a genetic disorder.

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You want to interpret detected variants

Alamut Visual

Alamut® Visual is a decision-support software application enabling graphical interpretation of genetic variants detected in a patient.

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Founded in Rouen, France, Interactive Biosoftware is present on the 5 continents, in more than 35 countries to play an active role in the process of understanding and finding solutions to society’s most devastating diseases.

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